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The Indigenous Treasure You Must Own!

Chances are you must have heard about mochila bags or you have seen them as they have grown popular in mainstream fashion in the whole world. But behind the bag, there is a whole history of ancestral tradition, hard work, and craftsmanship. The weaving and crocheting for the Wayuu people are more than a cultural practice and inheritance of their ancestors, it is a way of conceiving and expressing life as they feel and desire it, and art thought and enjoyed.

In the recent past, however, Wayuu bags are no longer just part of the community accessory but it has become part of the collection of fashion designers. The Gaia Arts is one of the prominent designers in Wayuu mochila bags. Why did we choose to specialize in Wayuu mochila bags? It is because Wayuu bags are considered fashion accessories and unique pieces of artwork and also it is a simple way of supporting and conserving the ancient Wayuu culture through our work.

Our bags have unique designs that are difficult even for a machine to imitate which makes our products unique as well as making us proud as the producers of these handmade backpacks. Our handmade backpacks are pure as they come. They are 100 percent handmade, and they are also made of natural fabrics as well as natural dyes to make them more natural and durable as well.

Creating each mochila bag requires a weaver’s physical and emotional energy, taking up to 25 days to weave a single bag. Buying this indigenous handmade backpack is a simple way of supporting them as well as helping the Wayuu people to conserve their ancient culture through our work. What is special about these bags?

  • Mochila bags are predominantly made by indigenous Colombians, exclusively women
  • they are crocheted using wool, cotton, and other natural fibers
  • they come in different colors and styles making them unique accessories to own
  • they are unisex meaning both men and women can wear them
  • there are many types of Wayuu mochila bags varying in different sizes, shapes, and usage

Get yourself this ancient traditional accessory from our website to remind you about this Colombian tradition. There are many this you can choose to take home, however, few are as handy and meaningful as a mochila bag, a token of hard work, tradition, and fashion! We have endless products of Wayuu mochila bags to choose from, do visit our website and grab a piece for yourself.