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Our Story

We are a small family with big dreams. Our project started with a trip to Colombia. My partner is Colombian and last year we visited his family and the country. As soon as I arrived, I fell in love with its people, history, culture and its diversity.

The people there are happy, humble and kind. Something that impressed me was its traditional crafts. I already knew a little about it, but it was only when I could experience it myself that I understood its true ancestral and cultural value. Then, I loved the country and its culture even more.

Colombia's crafts are endless, but I decided to show the world all the pieces of the Embera and Wayuu Indigenous people. Their pieces are unique, made with a lot of attention to detail and lots of history behind them.

This is the reason why we decided to embark on this small project, in order to help indigenous people so that their customs are not lost and at the same time support their way of life.

We believe in businesses that offer purpose to their customers when purchasing a product, knowing that they are contributing to weaving lives and helping communities.

We chose GAIA for our business name: spirit of the earth and WEAVING LIVES became our motto. Our brand image represents the creation of life and the evolution of the Universe.

We believe that we have to stay connected to Nature and the living beings on Earth and allowing indigenous communities to continue to weave lives will enable all of us to find harmony and to be more connected with each other.