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These organic hemp bags (mochilas) are made by the Kankuama indigenous women from the Colombian region of Valledupar. The bag's prime materials are the fibres of the Fique and Maguey plants and these are dyed with natural juices of plants such as the eucalyptus, nola, chinguiza, morito and coconut. The result is a 100% natural product, manufactured in a sustainable way. Each bag colour and design represents the colour of the clan to which each woman belongs to.

Onilda Rodriguez, this artisan, is the one who, for more than 30 years, has dedicated herself to making the traditional backpacks of her Kankuama indigenous people, and transmitting her knowledge to the women of her community.

What the Kankuama backpack represents:

As indigenous people, for us the backpack is essential. The poporo is to the man what the bag is to the woman, because it represents the female uterus. In addition and by tradition, the woman weaves the backpacks to her partner, it is her right. These bags (one larger than the other) are generally white and in them, he carries his poporo and the “hayo” (coca leaf).

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